Tonkotsu park

We’ve eased off the small parks and playgrounds thread due to the freezing cold, but let’s make an exception for the new little playground that you can find opposite the London Aquatics Centre.

To find it, walk from Westfield, past The Cow, along Stratford Walk. Before the bridge over to the Aquatics Centre, turn left at the edge of the building that says it’s soon to be a Tonkotsu (yum). This area now has flats and the lucky residents have a small playground that you might like to visit if you want to escape Westfield or still have some energy after swimming.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Things to climb 
Things to whizz round on
Something to slide down
Not one, not two, but three things to bounce on (plus basket ball court in the background).

There are two much bigger playgrounds in the QEOP (and a nice one in Westfield), but it’s always nice to explore somewhere new, and small play areas like this have the advantage of offering a quick change of scene. You can try everything in it pretty fast so there’s no chance to tears/tantrums when it’s time to leave.

As mentioned, this combines well with:

  • A visit to the Aquatics Centre
  • A trip to Westfield
  • A scooter trip round the QEOP
  • A play area safari of the QEOP

I don’t know if this playground has a name, so I’m officially naming it Tonkotsu playground and it joins the list of little parks that I’ve posted about.

Here are the others:

With Spring on the way, there’ll be more…


Do you have a superhero?

Are you free on Wednesday or Thursday mornings, and are you somewhere near the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park? Do you have a small superhero (age 3-7) who needs a run about?

If so, you might be interested in the Our Parks Superhero Fitness session (it’s free). I’ve written about Our Parks ages and ages ago (here) but, briefly, there are a whole range of fitness classes on offer across several London boroughs. I’ve attended some myself locally and got a brilliant work out for free in the fresh air.

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Victory Park

Victory Park, Stratford, E20

This is the second in an occasional series celebrating the smaller parks and playgrounds in our corner of East London (last time, it was Rounton Park). If you live near them, they’re a godsend – enabling you to nip out with your toddler for a change of air and, sometimes, a change of mood. If you don’t, you might never think to make a special trip out to explore them, but some – like Victory Park – are easily combined with another task (like shopping at Westfield) or indeed with a trip to another park (we popped to Victory Park on our way back from the QEOP) .

Victory Park is a small patch of green that’s now surrounded by flats for people lucky enough to live on the edge of the Olympic park. There are sometimes events held there as a local community starts to develop in London’s newest postcode (E20).

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