Poplar again?

I’m like someone with a new crush. I can’t stop talking about the relatively recently re-opened Poplar Baths. Here’s ANOTHER post about the excellent activities on offer there. Eventually, you’re going to succumb and actually give them a try. I know it.

So when we went to the Free Open Day (Have I mentioned that already? Oops, yes), the nice people there gave me a flyer for two weekly toddler-friendly sessions.

Here they are:

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This is going to be the shortest post ever, because I’m hungry, my dinner is very nearly ready and it would be rude to keep it waiting. And all I need to say is this…

… Looking for something to do with your toddler(s) in east London tomorrow, Monday 10th April – with a preference for indoors because the glorious sunshine is being taken away from us?

If the answer to this overly-long question is yes, click here. You’ll find all the details of an open day at Poplar Baths Leisure Centre. A whole range of activities to get kids running about is promised from 10am on wards, including Toddlers’ World (bouncy castles etc), penalty shootouts and trampolining (from 12 noon).

And did I say that activities are free?

Sounds brilliant. I won’t bother with the usual What? Where? etc. as the details are on this previous post about the lovely swimming pool there (currently my favourite, oh-so-stress-free choice for taking toddler and baby for a swim). And my dinner’s ready. Phew

New swimming pool!

My toddler is (nearly) swimming like a fish

One of the best things that’s happened this year is seeing my two-year-old change from someone who didn’t seem to care for swimming to someone who loves it, and is confident in the water. Weirdly, the process began when we stopped going to swimming lessons, and started to swim regularly with her friends. She went from clinging onto mummy to leaping into the water, laughing and smiling.

We usually swim at the London Aquatics Centre, but in the post-Olympics glow, a couple of times we’ve found sessions to be full at weekends when we’ve come to book.

It was a blessing in disguise because it got us to try the new Poplar baths, which recently reopened after being closed for more than 30 years.

It’s been completely refurbished. Everything is clean and new, and it’s great for toddlers.

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