Toddler take over…

Watch out! There’s a toddler take over at the Museum of London, Docklands this weekend (20 & 21 May, 2016). There are loads of great activities to entertain restless little ones, which will be especially welcome if the weekend is as rainy as it is right now.

I love the sound of Rise & Shine yoga for toddlers. There are two sessions at 10.45am and 11.20am on both Saturday and Sunday, although by that time most toddlers will have risen and been shining for a number of hours…

But that’s just one of a whole two days of activities aimed at under fives – from balloon modelling and baby jazz performances, to activity trails and the chance to try ballet.

Take a look at what’s happening here.

20 and 21 May, 10.30-4pm. All events are free and tickets are available on arrival.

Poplar again?

I’m like someone with a new crush. I can’t stop talking about the relatively recently re-opened Poplar Baths. Here’s ANOTHER post about the excellent activities on offer there. Eventually, you’re going to succumb and actually give them a try. I know it.

So when we went to the Free Open Day (Have I mentioned that already? Oops, yes), the nice people there gave me a flyer for two weekly toddler-friendly sessions.

Here they are:

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This is going to be the shortest post ever, because I’m hungry, my dinner is very nearly ready and it would be rude to keep it waiting. And all I need to say is this…

… Looking for something to do with your toddler(s) in east London tomorrow, Monday 10th April – with a preference for indoors because the glorious sunshine is being taken away from us?

If the answer to this overly-long question is yes, click here. You’ll find all the details of an open day at Poplar Baths Leisure Centre. A whole range of activities to get kids running about is promised from 10am on wards, including Toddlers’ World (bouncy castles etc), penalty shootouts and trampolining (from 12 noon).

And did I say that activities are free?

Sounds brilliant. I won’t bother with the usual What? Where? etc. as the details are on this previous post about the lovely swimming pool there (currently my favourite, oh-so-stress-free choice for taking toddler and baby for a swim). And my dinner’s ready. Phew

Why are pirates scary?

(Because they arrrrrrr)

Over the summer, there are some really lovely toddler-friendly events – many of them free – taking place at local museums, including a pirate themed show at the Museum of London, Docklands.

Here are five activities you might like to try with your toddler…

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Playing games


I like playing board games with my two-year-old, and thankfully she likes them too. We’ve been lucky enough to have been given a couple that are entirely compatible with a toddler’s short attention span. Playing them is a great way of learning skills that don’t come easily to a toddler like taking turns, waiting for your go, sitting still and maybe – just maybe – not always winning.

Here are the two we’ve got.
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Not so messy play

The paint’s mainly on the paper… so far.

My little girl, like most toddlers, likes painting, but there are days when I can’t quite face removing it from the inside of her ears and rooms we haven’t even been in. So we’ve built up a collection of not-so-messy alternatives.

There’s tons of things to try: play dough (Rachel explains how to make your own here), glitter pens, sticking little bits of coloured paper, feathers etc. And here’s a few maybe you haven’t tried yet… Continue reading “Not so messy play”

Another wet weekend, another soft play…

You’ll find this great slide at Owl Play Centre

A few weeks ago, we paid our first visit to Owls Play Centre at Fairlop Waters. It was a Saturday, it was wet and we’d fatally gone past the point when WE MUST LEAVE THE HOUSE (or one or all of us loses our sanity).

So instead of leaving in a leisurely manner sometime around 9.30am as planned, it was mid-morning by the time we left the house – and we were in a frenzy of stress. Or I was anyway.

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