It’s ice lolly time!

Hot? Apparently, we will be this weekend. The sun is set to shine, and here is a recipe that might entertain your toddler in the kitchen for a few minutes, then keep them cool a few hours later.

  1. Get yourself some of these handy ice pop moulds (other types are available).
  2. You’ll need: a ripe mango or a pineapple, a banana (optional), a tin of coconut milk, a squeeze of lemon or lime and some maple syrup.
  3. With the help of your toddler, peel and prepare your fruit. Blend together your fruit, with a suitable amount of coconut milk (let’s say half a tin, but taste and see). You could add a squeeze of lemon or lime and a squirt of maple syrup to make it yummier still.
  4. Then with your toddler, fill your moulds with mixture and put them in the freezer.
  5. Make them in the morning, and they should be ready to eat in the afternoon.

Tip: when you get them out of the freezer, run them under a hot tap, so they’re not too icy and you can squeeze them out of the moulds.

We’ve had fun making and eating these. Hope you do too.