Sugar-free banana oat cookies

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This recipe is super-easy and fun to make with a toddler. It’s free from refined sugar and you can adapt it to include a variety of nutritious ingredients. I’ve adapted it from the wonderfully simple recipe on My Lovely Little Lunchbox. Here’s my version: Continue reading “Sugar-free banana oat cookies”


The magic of baby signing

Learning to sign is without doubt the single most powerful and joy-bringing thing we’ve done with Finn. Even now that he is nearly two and communicating pretty effectively in spoken language (I think in no small part because of the signing), signs still come in useful and I still notice the impact signing has had on our communication as a family.
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Painting with glue & glitter

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The beauty of this technique is that you can shake glitter all over the place and still make a defined shape on the paper. Perfect for a toddler. There is also a magical ‘reveal’ moment where you shake the paper until the glitter reveals the hidden picture. Continue reading “Painting with glue & glitter”

One shiny wet nose…

It’s a bear! At Discover Children’s Story Centre

… Two big furry ears! Two big goggly eyes! IT’S A BEAR!!!!!

You probably won’t need me to explain that comes from Michael Rosen’s much loved We’re going on a bear hunt. It’s one of my favourites and I don’t think I’m alone. Following the recent downpours, I’ve enjoyed hearing my toddler talk about the ‘thick oozy mud’ in the park.

Just before Christmas, we went to the Discover Centre at Stratford, which has a Michael Rosen exhibition on at the moment. I’m calling it an exhibition because that’s what their own website says, but that makes it sound a lot less fun than it really is. Maybe ‘experience’ gives you a better idea. Continue reading “One shiny wet nose…”

Spelt & Apple Stars

2015-12-16 14.11.20This recipe is slightly adapted from the River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook by Nikki Duffy. I added the spices and lemon zest because I wanted these to be my toddler’s version of the grown up gingerbread I made the same day, and he loves strong flavours. Duffy’s original has no spices, just the apple juice to sweeten, which would work better perhaps for a younger baby.


Ingredients Continue reading “Spelt & Apple Stars”