Toddlers’ World

We’ve been to Toddlers’ World at Mile End Leisure Centre three times. The equipment has varied slightly but you can expect:

  • Trampolines (My toddler now loves the trampoline, but I find it a little hair-raising and tend to watch her very, very closely on it. She’s one of the youngest and the smallest and I fear for clashes of heads)
  • Bouncy castle
  • Ball pit
  • Goalposts and football
  • Giant Connect Four
  • Mats, springboard and bench to jump off
  • Hoops
  • Selection of other soft play equipment
  • Parachute

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Falling for Autumn…

Summer is a great time for toddlers, especially one like mine who loves to be outside. We’ve found it easy to fill our days – setting off to the park with a picnic, playing with sand and water, going from one playground to another.

I was wondering what we would do when Autumn came, but it turns out we can combine our old pass-times with new.

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