Tips for train journeys with two


I’ve recently done several long-distance journeys on trains and ferries, on my own with my 2 boys (Little Baby, 5 months and Finn, 2yrs 5months).

For me, public transport is much better than being in the car, not just for environmental reasons (and um, because I’m terrified of driving…). Until recently Little B put up an incredible fight every time he was confined to a car seat, and screamed throughout the journey, seemingly whatever I did to calm him.

Anyway, 4 hours in a train carriage could still have gone badly wrong, especially for the poor innocent passengers who were not responsible for my children. So I tried to prepare as much as I could…

Here’s what worked for us: please add your suggestions in the comments!

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Why are pirates scary?

(Because they arrrrrrr)

Over the summer, there are some really lovely toddler-friendly events – many of them free – taking place at local museums, including a pirate themed show at the Museum of London, Docklands.

Here are five activities you might like to try with your toddler…

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Playing games


I like playing board games with my two-year-old, and thankfully she likes them too. We’ve been lucky enough to have been given a couple that are entirely compatible with a toddler’s short attention span. Playing them is a great way of learning skills that don’t come easily to a toddler like taking turns, waiting for your go, sitting still and maybe – just maybe – not always winning.

Here are the two we’ve got.
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Paddling and splashing!

The paddling pool at West Ham Park.

At last… At long last… The chance to complain about being too hot, instead of it being too rainy or too cold or too something else. This weekend has been all about being outdoors in the park and the paddling pool (as well as doing battle with sun cream and hats and unwilling toddlers).

Here are two parks I’ve posted about before, but without previously having tried out their very fine paddling pools.

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Fairlop Water Country Park and Boulders!

Fairlop Water

If you want an outdoorsy day out that’s nearby and on the Central Line, Fairlop Water Country Park is a good option.

Set around a sailing lake, the park includes a large outdoor boulder park with artificial rock climbing boulders for bouldering enthusiasts (‘bouldering’ is climbing on low-level rocks, without ropes) – a great place for parents who climb and can tag-team looking after the kids. Some of the boulders are less steep and ideal for children or beginners to have a go scrambling up (though children will need close supervision as there are some big drops).

Climbing boulder

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Highbury Fields forever…

Phew – it was boiling this weekend and I think the hot sticky weather is set to stay for a little while longer.

If like me you spend a lot of time in Victoria Park, the Olympic Park and Mile End Park, you might find the post about parks I wrote a few weeks back useful. You’ll find six alternative suggestions of places to spend a sunny day – some even have paddling pools or other water-based play.

And here’s another option.

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Just a quick one, but (in this household anyway) excitement is building…

Stratford’s Discover Children’s Story Centre is due to reopen in ten days or so on 23rd July 2016, but you can already book tickets for the new Dr Seuss exhibition. Do it now! The whole place has undergone a major refurbishment whilst closed for a couple of months. And this article in the Guardian suggests it’s going to have been worth the wait.

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