Real Nappies & East London Sling Meet

Want to find out more about using slings and baby carriers, or ‘real’ (reusable) nappies, or both?
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Friday 9th March, Real Nappies at the East London Sling Meet, 9.30-12.30, The Cafe at St Paul’s, St Paul’s Churchyard, EC4M 8 London.

You can find out more about real nappies and other upcoming events here.

Here’s more info about the Sling Meet: Continue reading “Real Nappies & East London Sling Meet”



I normally post about activities for kids, but I’m pretty sure I’m won’t be the only parent who would like to improve their fitness. If you live locally and have only a limited amount of time to exercise, you might be interested in this…

There’s currently a bootcamp every Saturday morning 10-10.45am in Grove Hall Park on Saturday morning.

Click here for details.

All levels of fitness welcome. The first class is free so you’ve nothing to lose…

Adam, who runs the bootcamp, is based in Bow Business Centre and does a few other sessions too (some indoors, some outdoors).

Click here for details.






Real Nappy Week events, cute nappies

This week is Real Nappy Week, so if you’re thinking of trying them out (or use them already and want to pick up some tips, freebies or preloved nappies), there are lots of events in April to help you: details below.

I’ve posted before about ‘real’ (or cloth / re-usable) nappies, how easy they are to use and why I like them so much, so I won’t repeat all the details here.

But, aside from cutting waste, carbon emissions and cost (and being damn good at containing wee and poo), did I mention how cute cloth nappies are these days?

Bamboozle Stretch size 2s in ‘Plop’ and ‘Daydream’

Look at these new Bamboozle Stretch lovelies I’ve just bought to top up my stash for my 1-year-old (I got them from the Nappy Lady here, though she doesn’t pay me for affiliate links or anything, I’ve found her to be very reliable and helpful). Super soft knitted bamboo, brilliantly absorbent and… cute. Continue reading “Real Nappy Week events, cute nappies”

Chicken pox: a survivor’s guide…

No posts from me for a bit, because we’ve had chicken pox. Twice. First the three-year-old and then the baby.

It’s been horrible.

I’ve never understood why chicken pox is viewed as a minor irritant when it’s actually a major ball-ache. First, you can have a really sick child (thankfully, many kids get off more lightly than we did). Second, anyone in the household who hasn’t had it is almost guaranteed to get it in short order. And then there’s the huge pressure it puts on working parents, who suddenly have no childcare for potentially a week per child.

Anyway, moan over (and suggestion to avoid it follows). If chicken pox is heading your way, here are a few things worth getting in, especially if it’s a bad case:


Industrial quantities of Calpol. Set an alarm every four hours – use it. NB No Ibuprofen for chicken pox.


Calamine lotion for spots. In my day it looked like this… but there are other options.
This calamine cream goes on easier if there are lots of spots.


Anti-histamine – tastes horrible according to my toddler. Tip: mix with juice then syringe into mouth. Not for babies – needs to be prescribed for them so see/call your doctor if you think it’s needed.
Genuinely took some discomfort away. Sprays on – good job.


Also provides relief from the itch/inflammation – this time a mousse, so also applies and dries quickly.
Epsom salts – can be used in the bath. Also, consider offering your child multiple baths per day .


Also required:

  • Magazines, books, colouring/crafts, tv/films to keep a sick kid entertained. Paw Patrol magazine kept us busy for a bit.
  • Friends who’ve had it before and can come round to play when your kid feels up to it.

Here’s the NHS information on chicken pox.

And here’s a Guardian article I found interesting discussing why the NHS doesn’t offer immunisation. Yes, there’s a vaccine. It’s too late for us, but, hopefully, we’ll have a post soon explaining how/where you can get it locally and how much it costs.

A word of advice from Roald Dahl

Earlier this year I treated myself to rereading one of my favourite childhood books – Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. I can’t wait for my little girl to be old enough for me to share it with her, but it’s a bit too soon. At the back, I found something I had forgotten – or perhaps had no reason to pay attention to as a child. It’s a wonderful piece of advice, so I’m sharing it here before wishing you…

… A very Happy Christmas. And a Sparky New Year.


Babywearing in East London

Babywearing is becoming increasingly popular and many parents choose a sling over a buggy to carry their little ones. Not only is babywearing practical as it allows you to be hands -free and get to places you wouldn’t be able to with a buggy (no need to pull the look of desperation at the tube station!) but it has countless benefits for the baby and the parent from helping to bond with your newborn to raise socially confident children.

There are hundreds of different types of slings and brands and choosing the right one and learning how to wear it in a comfortable manner for you and your child can be difficult without support. Some slings such as buckle carriers are simple to put on but others like woven wraps take some learning. There is a wealth of online support and information but nothing beats hands on help from an experienced babywearer, whether it is a peer or a trained consultant.

You can get this type of help at social sling meetings, sling libraries, workshops or in private consultations. Sling Social East London is a facebook group created for babywearers based (mainly) in East London. It’s a welcoming space for all sorts of babywearing discussions, advice sharing and all around geekery! We meet once a month (usually at the museum of childhood) and give free advice, teach carries in different slings, educate parents about types of slings and safety, try each other’s slings and just chat about anything!

It’s a warm, friendly group and we all go out of our ways to help each other and make sure every parent has a positive babywearing experience, so join us!

Wrap a Hug is a professional babywearing education service specialising in woven wraps based in East London and Italy. At Wrap a Hug we are extremely passionate about wrapping and we recognise that it’s a skill that takes time to master and it can be overwhelming and frustrating at first. We offer private consultations, a woven wrap library and workshops.We build relationships with parents and help them become confident wrappers and accompany them in their learning journey and are always on hand from the first meeting.




A visual calendar

Finn’s visual calendar

My older child ‘Finn’ is 2-and-a-half. Like lots of toddlers, he enjoys feeling in control and making his own choices. Over the summer he was asking lots of questions about ‘when’ things were happening. And of course, if he’s looking forward to seeing a friend or going somewhere special, he expects it to happen immediately, even if it’s days away.

There’s also been a lot of change and probably from his point of view, a fair bit of loss of control in Finn’s life recently as he now has a little brother, bringing a (charming) unpredictability to pretty much everything…

And, I wanted Finn to understand when his nursery days were, as he was about to start a couple of days a week. I thought this might make him calmer about this change in his life.

So to help with all this, I explored the idea of a visual calendar. There are loads of ideas online but I based mine roughly on this one. I simplified it though, with only one, main activity represented per day as Finn is probably not old enough to get his head round more than that. I also gave each day a different colour. Continue reading “A visual calendar”