Big Spring Skies 

Greenwich Park with moody March sky

The new March mildness and teasing bursts of sunshine have been enough to get me and the kids much more adventurous about being outdoors.

Even the less summery side of the weather (gale force winds, dramatic cloudscapes, the odd hailstorm) has *mostly* added to the fun.
So we’ve been venturing further afield in search of outdoor play whenever we can.

Here are some of the places we’ve enjoyed Spring Skies, if not sunshine… some in London, some a short trip away.

What are your favourite places to get out in the fresh air at this time of year?

1. Greenwich Park

Fantastic children’s playground, loads of beautiful parkland to explore, wonderful view from the top of the hill… Continue reading ” Big Spring Skies “


Midwinter sensory play #3: starry gel pouches

A starry gel pouch

I saw this idea on Messy Little Monster a while ago and finally got round to it today.

It makes cool sensory pouches for young babies to look at, squidge and explore.

I’d say under close supervision though, especially if baby has teeth. Not sure how laminating pouches stand up to chewing. However, so long as you’re watching, this is a way for baby to interact with those too-small objects they always want to touch but aren’t allowed.

I think they could also be great fun for older children as a way of preserving found objects or creating small worlds (see ideas in the recipe below).

I made several ‘adaptations’ to the original process, most of which had an adverse effect on the end result.

But it was still fun, for Finn to help make them, as well as Little B who got the final product. You can either learn from my mistakes (unless you have more common sense than me and wouldn’t have made them anyway, which is likely) or just read the original post above. Continue reading “Midwinter sensory play #3: starry gel pouches”

Stepney City Farm

Stepney City Farm is a medium-sized city farm with a lovely community feel: small paddocks of donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry gathered around a centre of community allotments, permaculture garden, cafe, craft workshops (they run a ‘Rural Arts Centre’) and a classroom.
During the week the central yard, which has a generous covered buggy park, has a huge range of dilapidated ride-on toys (cars, tractors, go-karts) which are so exciting for my boy that we have to spend the first hour there before looking at any animals.

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