Podcasts for kids

We’ve loved audiobooks and story CDs for a while now. Recently, my 4.5-year-old and I have discovered podcasts, together, and we’re loving it.

There’s a huge variety out there and many (most!) of them are free. I like that they are short and that there’s lots of non-fiction on offer. Great for a fact-hungry school child.

First thing Saturday mornings (which means, you know, FIRST thing) have become podcast time, while making breakfast or pottering about the house. There’s something really great about learning facts together while listening, and being able to pause the content and talk about it!

There are of course loads of round-ups of good podcasts, such as this top 21 from Time Out New York, and this top 10 from Fatherly. This list is nice because it’s organised by theme including bed-time and road-trip recommendations. The BBC also does lots of kids’ podcasts.

I’m planning to try the boys with some of the music shows for kids soon, like maybe Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child… and also Wow in the World, which is a non-fiction for kids from NPR – who I’m a fan of already from the time Before Children when I did things like listen to music shows not aimed at children…

Anyway, our current favourite is “But Why?” from Vermont Public Radio. 

It’s a lovely format based on questions from kids all over the world, which they group into themes and then record a programme where the questions all get answered by an expert in the field, in an accessible way. The kids’ voices, and their questions, are centre stage.

I think we’re at the lower end of the age But Why? is aimed at, so I take my pick of the topics (some are maybe too much at the moment). So far, we have particularly liked “Why is Fire Orange?”, and “Why Do We Need To Sleep?”.

I’m still hoping for the sequel to that one, “Why Do We Need to Let Our Parents Sleep?” but instead we are planning to listen to “Why Do People Dream?”, tomorrow morning.

But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids
But Why? podcast from VPR



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