The tiger who came to tea


Getting two young children up, dressed, fed and into central London (ideally with brushed hair and teeth) at a reasonably prompt hour on my own  isn’t something I’m generally up for. When I did it recently, I had a detailed anxiety dream the night before. But it was completely worth it to see their little faces when a huge orange tiger took to the stage as part of The tiger who came to tea.

It’s on at the Piccadilly Theatre until Sunday 9 September 2018 and it’s a really lovely show. It starts at 11am, but if you’ve got tickets to collect, a buggy to put in the buggy park, and a child or two to take to the toilet at least one, plus booster seats to get hold of before the performance start, I’d advise aiming closer to 10.30am when doors open.

The advice is it’s suitable for 3+, but I know at least one one-year-old who sat good as gold through the whole thing, thoroughly enjoying the songs and, most especially, the tiger.

Even better, since we got home, she’s been keen to read the book even though it’s a bit longer than her current attention span.

I love the Tiger who came to tea (book), and the show certainly does it justice. The costumes and the set are faithful to the illustrations. There are songs added which helps keep little ones engaged, and some visual humour suitable for all. But the star of the show is undoubtedly the huge and charming tiger who so unexpectedly arrives at Sophie’s door.

Taking a family to a show in the West End, even a children’s show, isn’t cheap, but if you’re planning on going, look out for free children’s tickets this August. It’s all part of Kids Week which confusingly lasts all month. I ended up paying for myself, and got one child’s ticket free and a second half price.

You can see some photos from the show and a video here.


Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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