The Singing Mermaid


TSM_wpbannerYou’ve got one more month to catch ‘The Singing Mermaid’ at the Little Angel Theatre – don’t miss it!

We went today and it brightened up a miserable, rainy day.

As you’ll probably know, ‘The Singing Mermaid’ is one of Julia Donaldson’s books. Without giving away the major plot twists, it’s about a mermaid who loves singing with her friends and swimming in the open sea. An unsavoury circus master chances upon her, and promises her fame and an appreciative audience if she joins his troupe.

Things don’t work out exactly as he promises, but an appreciative audience is what The Singing Mermaid (and the whole cast) finds at the Little Angel Theatre.

There are lovely songs as well as lots of laughs for toddlers and their older companions alike. A singing seagull, a circus master who struggles to count and the other circus acts including a fire-breathing boy – these are just parts of the show that caused lots of giggles with us.

The show is aimed at 3-8 years olds and lasts 55 minutes. We had a one-year-old (and four-year-old) in our group, who loved the lights, the puppets and the songs, but 55 minutes was a bit of a strain on her attention span.

Remember the Little Angel Theatre does a great offer. All tickets for the 5pm performance on a Friday are a fiver each.

All the details are here.



Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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