Make your own recycled crayons

2017-09-11 17.19.02

The weather is even colder than last time I posted, so if the winter sunshine isn’t enough to keep you outdoors, here’s another indoor art-materials activity.

If you’ve stubs and bits of broken wax crayon, here’s a super easy, exciting recycling project that toddlers can do most of themselves.

It’s also one of those transformations that creates something so delightful it seems much more than the sum of its parts. The homemade crayons would also make great gifts, if you could bear to part with them.

You need:

Broken or unwanted wax crayons

An ovenproof silicon mould tray e.g. for mini muffins, cupcakes or sweets*

A little cooking oil


  1. Get the children to peel off any paper wrapping from the crayons. This stage turned out to be a great source of entertainment in itself.2017-09-11 15.06.52
  2. Wipe the moulds with a little oil to stop the crayons from sticking. Put a layer of crayon pieces into each, about an inch deep. Sort by similar colour, or mix different colours for a rainbow crayon.2017-09-11 15.22.14
  3. Put the mould into the oven at around 120C for 15-30 minutes or more – keep checking to see if they crayons have all melted.2017-09-11 16.00.16
  4. Once melted, take out of the oven and leave them to cool. Then the kids can take their new crayons out of the mould!

* I had no trouble cleaning the tray afterwards – if you use hot enough water the wax softens and comes off. So you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a muffin tray to this project. But, if you were worried (or using a metal tray which might be harder to get the crayons out of), you could line the individual moulds with baking paper or foil.

There are lots of versions of this on the web. I took my inspiration from here.


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