Homemade Blackboard

Chalkboard paint

Here’s a fun project that instantly provides a new kids’ art area and hours (years!) of fun. The first post of a mini-series for these cold, damp days about arty indoors stuff.

If you’ve a patch of wall or cupboard door you don’t mind sacrificing, all you need is a tin of blackboard paint. Otherwise, you can make your own blackboard and put it up somewhere.

Chalk drawing is nice and communal, easily cleaned off surfaces and children with a plain damp cloth and is environmentally friendly (no disposable plastics, no paper waste). What’s not to like?

2018-02-09 09.29.05
Homemade MDF chalkboard attached to the end of a kitchen unit

You need:

A spare bit of wall or cupboard door, OR a piece of MDF of your chosen size, strip of wooden beading long enough to go around your board, small nails, hammer, wood glue.

Blackboard paint (I used this one, which is water-based so brushes and hands are washable in water)


Optional: if you’re making a board or using a cupboard door, you could add a magnetic strip and metal container for chalks – alternatives would be to use wood glue, velcro strips or a nail to attach your chosen container to a corner of the chalk board area.

  1. Paint your chosen area or your board with 2-3 coats of blackboard paint. Ready for use! But
  2. …if making a board, you can now tack on a beading frame round the edge with nails.
  3. And if using, screw on your magnetic strip or other attachment for a tin of chalks.
Tin of chalks on an Ikea magnetic strip

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