Jump. Jump. Jump.

Photo from zapspace.co.uk

The four-year-old and the one-year-old may be the most frequent visitors to the new trampoline park in Stratford, Zap Space, to date, but I’m late to the party and made my debut at the weekend.

So here’s what you need to know.

If you live a hop, skip or a jump away from Stratford and have a toddler who likes to bounce on a trampoline, it’s the place for you. Make your way to Zap Space in the knowledge that you’ll come away with a tired and happy toddler.

It’s actually designed for all age groups and is open 9am-9pm every day (way past a toddler’s bedtime). It’s the mornings that are devoted to Little Zappers aged five and under. Check the timetable here.

As far as I can tell, just the downstairs is open during the Little Zappers sessions, so that’s trampolines, a foam pit and a balance bar. For younger children, there’s a small soft play which kept my one-year-old very happy indeed. Better still, at the moment at least, the baby soft play area is free (they may start to charge at busier times).

For the trampoline park, you pay on the door (or book ahead online) and you get a one hour session. If your toddler is trampoline crazy, there is a multi-pass option that helps you make savings.

There’s a counter selling food and snacks in the main area (there are tables, chairs and high chairs), but there’s also a nicer, lighter cafe (with a wider menu, I think) that you can also access from Stratford High Street. It’s called The Old Town Bistro and is also run by Zap Space.

I enjoyed our trip to Zap Space because it was a really easy way to keep two little ones entertained on a rainy day and get some energy well and truly burnt off. On the plus side, there are lots of cheerful, friendly, polite and helpful staff making sure everyone is having safe fun.

I have a few gripes based on the fact my four-year-old wasn’t that keen on the trampoline and would have preferred the climbing area. Sometimes she’s been allowed to use it, but at the weekend she wasn’t as it was included in the bit that was closed. Only one child was allowed in the foam pit at once, which was terribly safe, but not much fun.

Like I said, if your child loves the trampoline, it’s for you. If they like soft play more generally, there are better places to go.

My favourite remains the East London Gymnasium, which you can read about here.

All the information about Zap Space is here, including entry costs which is currently £8 for a Little Zappers session.


Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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