Find out more about local school admissions next Wednesday in Bow!

Poster for 14th June meeting

If there’s one thing in common about what local parents have said to me about planning for a school or preschool place in Bow East, it’s uncertainty.

Will there be enough places in nearby schools for local children next year or the year after? Which schools is my child likely to get into – and which only offer places if you live within a stone’s throw? Will the new Bow primary and preschool open in 2018, or 2019? Why can’t we have enough full time, state preschool places for all 3-year-olds, regardless of postcode? How do school admissions even work?
Friends of Bow Primary, the local group I help to run, has requested an open meeting with the pupil services team from TH Council and they have been hugely positive about the idea. (They’re even offering a second meeting at a weekend if you can’t make this one.)

Here’s your chance to not only ask those questions and more, but to have your say. The Council is about to decide when to open the new Bow primary and they want to hear from local parents to help them decide.

  • Pop over to  if you want to find out more and sign up for updates.

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