Victory Park

Victory Park, Stratford, E20

This is the second in an occasional series celebrating the smaller parks and playgrounds in our corner of East London (last time, it was Rounton Park). If you live near them, they’re a godsend – enabling you to nip out with your toddler for a change of air and, sometimes, a change of mood. If you don’t, you might never think to make a special trip out to explore them, but some – like Victory Park – are easily combined with another task (like shopping at Westfield) or indeed with a trip to another park (we popped to Victory Park on our way back from the QEOP) .

Victory Park is a small patch of green that’s now surrounded by flats for people lucky enough to live on the edge of the Olympic park. There are sometimes events held there as a local community starts to develop in London’s newest postcode (E20).

 We visited on our way back from the amazing Tumbling Bay playground in the Olympic Park.

We’d already been on this amazing climbing adventure…

Tumbling Bay playground by the Unity Kitchen

…. And played in the sand…

… And spent a little time in the wetland area taking a closer look at some very new and fluffy goslings, which were keeping close to mum and dad.

So what could Victory Park offer after all that excitement?

Two things – first, this small but eye-dazzling, mind-boggling mirror maze.



My fellow adventurer ran around it happily while I struggled to get my head round this optical illusion. Suddenly I had a dozen or more identical three-year-olds reflected to infinity, and beyond. Panic!

And then there’s this gorilla, which seems a little out of place, but keeps a toddler entertained for a while.


Gorilla in the east

Victory park is here.

It’s perhaps worth mentioning that it’s very handy for this amazing looking ice cream shop that is definitely on my list to try next time I’m over that way.


Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

4 thoughts on “Victory Park”

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to find info about the mirror maze. Do you know if it is a permanent installation?
    Cant find much on google but id like to go visit it if it is still there.



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