Real Nappy Week events, cute nappies

This week is Real Nappy Week, so if you’re thinking of trying them out (or use them already and want to pick up some tips, freebies or preloved nappies), there are lots of events in April to help you: details below.

I’ve posted before about ‘real’ (or cloth / re-usable) nappies, how easy they are to use and why I like them so much, so I won’t repeat all the details here.

But, aside from cutting waste, carbon emissions and cost (and being damn good at containing wee and poo), did I mention how cute cloth nappies are these days?

Bamboozle Stretch size 2s in ‘Plop’ and ‘Daydream’

Look at these new Bamboozle Stretch lovelies I’ve just bought to top up my stash for my 1-year-old (I got them from the Nappy Lady here, though she doesn’t pay me for affiliate links or anything, I’ve found her to be very reliable and helpful). Super soft knitted bamboo, brilliantly absorbent and… cute.

Even part-time real nappy use alongside disposables (many parents use a mix; you don’t have to be a saint!) will cut down your family’s waste and carbon footprint. So if, like me, you are feeling a bit helpless/hopeless that any of our political leaders will ever get around to sorting out any of the pressing and even terrifying issues that affect our future (climate change being in the latter category), disposable plastics for cloth is a simple and rather nice swap you could make for yourself and your baby. It’s much easier than you think. And this is a good week to find out how.

Here are the details of an event this Friday in Limehouse from my fellow Tower Hamlets real nappies volunteer, Urszula:

To celebrate Real Nappy Week Urszula will be running short information demo sessions at Yurt Cafe in Limehouse on Friday 28th April at 2.30pm. The demo will take place during The Front Room session, which is a local group for parents with children up to three years old.

Come along to have a coffee, meet other parents and find out about the benefits of using cloth nappies!

After the demo Urszula will be on hand till 4pm to answer any questions and offer free advice on real nappies.

Venue details:

The Yurt Cafe

St Katharine’s Precinct

2 Butcher Row

London E14 8DS

Please note that pram space is limited so please bring babies in slings if you can.


If you can’t make it on Friday, check out lots of other events across East London this month, on the Real Nappies for London website. Lots of freebies and info/advice will be up for grabs – some events let you pick up preloved baby clothes and toys too. You can also email me and Urszula at if you have specific questions you’d like to ask about real nappies.



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