Poplar again?

I’m like someone with a new crush. I can’t stop talking about the relatively recently re-opened Poplar Baths. Here’s ANOTHER post about the excellent activities on offer there. Eventually, you’re going to succumb and actually give them a try. I know it.

So when we went to the Free Open Day (Have I mentioned that already? Oops, yes), the nice people there gave me a flyer for two weekly toddler-friendly sessions.

Here they are:

Toddler’s World

Tuesdays 9.15-10.15am (check the timetable here)

We had a taster of this at the Open Day. There’s a big bouncy castle to enjoy, plus other soft play slides and seesaw things. My toddler was bouncing for over an hour and Mummy had a go too – even the baby found a nice circular thing to sit in and work on her sitting-up-on-her-own skills. This session takes place in a lovely, airy gym that used to be the swimming pool (that’s now in the basement). It’s a really spectacular room with high ceilings and row-upon-row of windows.

This costs £3.10 for concessions. £4.45 for everyone else (click for here for more information on costs).

Toddler’s Splash World

Wednesday 12.30-1.15pm

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a fab, warm baby pool at Poplar and that’s where this new session takes place. It’s for children aged 3 months-3 years, and their attendant adult. Yes, you need to get into the water too.

First come, first served for fun, floats and splashing in the pool (more info here).

I’ve just noticed this session doesn’t appear on the Poplar baths website at the moment (it was due to start today, Wednesday 19th April) so maybe call or email to double check it’s happening.

T: 020 7093 1999

E: poplarbaths@gll.org

This costs £3.10 for concessions. £4.45 for everyone else (click for here for more information on costs).

Oh and if you haven’t heard enough about Poplar Baths, here’s the earlier post about the swimming pool.


Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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