Lemon ricotta pancakes

Lemon ricotta pancake with maple syrup and ricotta

Yet another pancake recipe, I know! But… pancakes are still the best way to get my 1-year-old to eat breakfast or elevenses – and are fun to mix, all in one bowl, for my toddler cook.

Also, ricotta is high in protein for a soft cheese, so this recipe is a way to sneak in some extra nutrients. I try to use a variety of flours too, including wholemeal.

But most importantly, these are delicious!

And did I mention that you can easily keep pancakes in the fridge for a picnic snack, or even freeze them? Same as fritters – see my post on those. Or try cinnamon blueberry pancakes if you prefer.



100g SR flour (you could substitute 100g white rye/spelt/oat flour here and add an extra half teaspoon of baking powder if you wanted to make this recipe wheat-free)

150g wholemeal rye flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 eggs

50g butter

maple syrup (optional)

200ml whole milk

100g ricotta

zest of one lemon

handful of blueberries, fresh or frozen (optional)


Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl (a very large, stable one if a toddler is doing the mixing – I find a bread bowl is ideal).

Put the butter in a small pan and melt, with a little maple syrup too if you want a sweetened pancake.

Beat the eggs with a fork then put into a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and mix into a stiff dough. Doesn’t matter if it’s lumpy at this stage. Gradually add the milk and ricotta, beating until smooth (you could totally use a stand mixer here, but I always do it by hand because Finn loves mixing!). Mix in the melted butter, maple syrup and the lemon zest. Fold in the blueberries, if using.

Heat a frying pan on medium-high. Grease with a little butter or corn oil. Spoon on large tablespoons of the batter and smooth into small rounds – you should be able to fry 4 or 5 per batch, depending on the size of your pan. Fry pancakes for a couple of minutes, until bubbles form on the surface and the pancakes slide easily when nudged with a spatula, then turn over and cook for a couple of minutes on the other side until set through and golden brown at the edges.

Serve with ricotta and maple syrup, or fresh fruit and yoghurt.


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