Tahini and honey flapjacks

Tahini and honey flapjacks

These were an unexpected delight. Finn and I wanted to bake together while Little B napped. I wanted to make Welsh Cakes, he wanted to make flapjacks, and he won. Because he is 3, and was not going to change his mind just because I showed him enticing pictures of Welsh Cakes on the internet.

BUT, although they are sweet, these flapjacks are refined-sugar-free, packed with protein and calcium, and even Little B likes them. They also taste great with coffee. So I won too, and everyone was happy.

Seriously though, I am always slightly desperately looking for ways to get calories and nutrients into a 1-year-old whose main interest in food is dropping it from a height. So these are a welcome discovery for baby snack or breakfast on-the-crawl.

Flapjacks are a great baking recipe to cook with a toddler because, apart from melting the butter on the stove, they can do almost all of it – helping to weigh, mixing dry ingredients, stirring them into the butter mix and pressing the stuff into a baking tray. Flapjacks are forgiving of very rough quantities (if your toddler tends to eat ingredients as fast as you measure them) and don’t mind being squashed and patted during preparation, in the way a fluffy cake might.

I googled around for flapjack recipes that included tahini and found this one, on which my recipe is VERY loosely based (I missed out about half the ingredients and used no sugar at all).

Also, I added an egg. I know there isn’t normally egg in flapjack. But every time I make flapjack it ends up so crumbly you can’t pick up a slice and eat it – especially if you are a small child. I think the correct way to solve the crumbling problem involves an insane amount of butter and sugar, so instead I thought I’d try adding an egg to bind the mix. Also as a way of secretly adding some more protein.

It worked: the flapjacks set fine, and I cut them into squares which could be held and eaten. Perhaps technically this is a cake rather than a flapjack, now? Who knows. The texture was quite soft, oaty and a little cake-y, but we were ok with that.

Soft flapjack squares


3 tablespoons tahini

100g butter

3 tablespoons honey

200g rolled oats

1 large handful of sultanas

3 tablespoons sesame seeds

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 egg


In a largish pan, gently melt the butter, tahini and honey together.

Take off the heat, then mix in the dry ingredients.

Finally, mix in the egg.

Pack into a baking dish or deep tray lined with greased foil.  Mine was about 20cm square but I don’t think it matters.

Cook for about 20-25 minutes, until golden brown on top.

Cool slightly before cutting into squares.


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