Free Sing-and-Sign tasters this week (and more ways to learn baby signing)

Just a quick post to let you know about free Sing-and-Sign baby sign language taster sessions that are happening in various East London locations over the next week, including tomorrow in the Isle of Dogs and next Thursday in Dalston. Click here and select ‘special events/tasters’ from the drop-down menu. You have to book but the sessions are free.

I found baby signing amazingly useful with my older child (see here for my experience of baby signing) and we did a term of Sing and Sign, which was really fun to go to with a baby, with songs that helped to learn the signs while entertaining everyone.

However, Sing & Sign isn’t free (though the tasters are) and if you want to do baby signing you definitely don’t have to do a paid class. Here are some other ideas if a class isn’t for you – or if you want to mix and match:

I taught Finn his first signs from a book I got out of the library and then we used a combination of one Sing & Sign term, a DVD from them, watching Mr Tumble on Something Special and using the internet.

Try looking up baby signing on YouTube. It will help you to know that baby signing is basically a slightly adapted version of Makaton (the sign + speech language used on Something Special), so you can use Makaton signs to supplement what you learn.  The ‘Singing Hands’ videos on youtube are good – you could start with The Wheels on the Bus! And there are lots of short signing videos on the Something Special homepage.


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