Places to enjoy Autumn in East London

Autumn colour in West Ham Park

It’s happened again! September is upon us, which for me always means anxiety dreams about arriving at school late and teaching a class I haven’t prepared for (even this year, when I’m full time with a baby and toddler, no school uniforms in sight).

But acers in the local parks are turning incredible sweet-shop neon, conkers are fattening up and the plane trees are clogging the pavements with super-crunchy fallen leaves. Return to school aside, I love Autumn and I think it’s one of the best times to get outdoors in London.

I know there are lots of obvious ways to enjoy Autumn, including many amazing parks (see Aline’s round up of parks within striking distance of East London). But here are a few more I’m excited about:

  1. Open House Weekend: coming up on 17th-18th September, the best weekend in the year to see  hidden London. So many buildings open their doors for you to nose round (and talk to the people who love and care for them). Have a look here to pick your favourites. If you want to be outdoors, open spaces (such as our own Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park) have events on for the weekend, as well as buildings.
  2. West Ham Park, in particular the lovely gardens where we had a picnic today after a play in the huge playground. It feels very peaceful, with big trees to hide under and some lovely Autumn colour already.
Hide and seek in West Ham Park gardens

3. Valentines Park and gardens. Looking lovely at the start of Autumn and loads of fun to toddle around. Beautiful walled gardens with paths to play catch and hide-and-seek, plus huge park, conker trees, geese to feed and great toddler-friendly playground with cafe. See a full review here.

Hawthorn berries in Valentines Park walled gardens

4. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, for a wild-feeling Autumn walk under tall trees. Free and open every day.There are free family activity mornings called Bow Beasties every 3rd Saturday of the month, 10.30-12.30. For more on this park see my review, here.

5. Epping Forest. I love it in all seasons – so will definitely make a trip to see the turning leaves and play Stick Man… See here for my post about the forest.

What are your favourite places to enjoy Autumn in London? Please share!


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