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I like playing board games with my two-year-old, and thankfully she likes them too. We’ve been lucky enough to have been given a couple that are entirely compatible with a toddler’s short attention span. Playing them is a great way of learning skills that don’t come easily to a toddler like taking turns, waiting for your go, sitting still and maybe – just maybe – not always winning.

Here are the two we’ve got.

Dotty Dinosaurs

Dotty Dinosaurs gives you two games in one.

I was given this by my sister-in-law. It came recommended by one of my nephews, who really liked it and it makes the perfect first board game to play with a toddler.

In fact, you get two games in one. We started with the colours game. It works like this:

  1. Choose a dinosaur.
  2. Cutest person starts (these are my rules rather than the official ones).
  3. Shake the ‘colours’ dice.
  4. Take a circle that’s the same colour as you’ve shaken and place it in the gap on your dinosaur.
  5. Whoever fills all the spots on their dinosaur wins!

Turn the dinosaur over and you have a game that works in a similar way – except with shapes instead of colours. So, with the first game, your toddler learns their colours and, with the second, shapes such as triangle, square, circle, semi-circle, rectangle etc.

All the details of Dotty Dinosaurs are here.

The Flowerpot game

The Flowerpot Game is also toddler-friendly.

We’ve only just started to play this game. It seems pretty straightforward.

  1. Choose a flowerpot.
  2. Cutest person starts (these are my rules rather than the official ones).
  3. Shake the ‘colours dice’.
  4. Turn over and take a card that’s the same colour as you’ve shaken. If you’re lucky it’ll be a section of stem and leaves that makes your ‘flower grow’. If you’re not, it’ll be the flower itself and that means your flower has grown as tall as it’s going to get.
  5. Tallest flower wins.

All the details of the Flowerpot Game are here.

Next up, we’re going to try the Three Little Pigs – click here to see. All of these games are made by Orchard toys and, if you’re interested, you can get them in French!

If you can recommend any toddler-friendly board games, please share them in the comments below with an idea of what age they’re suitable for.





Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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