Paddling and splashing!

The paddling pool at West Ham Park.

At last… At long last… The chance to complain about being too hot, instead of it being too rainy or too cold or too something else. This weekend has been all about being outdoors in the park and the paddling pool (as well as doing battle with sun cream and hats and unwilling toddlers).

Here are two parks I’ve posted about before, but without previously having tried out their very fine paddling pools.

  1. West Ham Park

The playground was in full sunshine with barely any shade when we arrived, but not to worry, we could see the paddling pool was being cleaned and was due to open only 30 minutes later. By that time, there were quite a few impatient children waiting for the chance to splash about and cool down (and also an adult or two).

The paddling pool isn’t huge, but a few minutes later it was nicely full of very happy children, including my toddler. There’s a ‘deep’ end and a ‘shallow’ end which from memory were 16 inches and 12 inches, so perfect for running and jumping through, and even lying in.

The paddling pool sign says it’s open 12 noon – 5pm on ‘fine days’ June-August. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how fine it has to be, but it was a great place to be when the sun was shining this weekend.

There are toilets just by the playground.

If you’re looking to stay longer, this a nice park for scooting round. Take a picnic because there’s no cafe, but there is an ice cream van…

2. Parliament Hills Field Playground

This lovely playground is a short walk from Gospel Oak overground station and it has a big paddling pool, which is open 10am – 5pm (End of May to first week in September). It’s shallow all round the edges and slightly deeper in the middle. Plenty of parents camp out at the edge and keep an eye on their kids, but there’s also a nice grassy area with shade from a canopy and trees, where you can sit, play and have a picnic.

There’s a toilet block separating the pool and the rest of the playground. And there’s the Parliament Hill Cafe a short walk away if you haven’t brought supplies with you.

Are there any parks you recommend with water play or paddling pools? Please share any tips in the comments below.

Enjoy the sunshine!



Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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