Exercise ideas to fit around childcare

Exercise makes me feel SO much better, especially when I’m stiff and achey from carrying small children all day – but it’s hard to find time to do any… Even if you can hand the kids to someone else for a while, it’s rarely long enough or often enough to travel to and work out at a gym or exercise class, especially in the early months with a new baby.
So I’ve been looking for ways to work out at home in whatever snatches of time I can get when the kids are asleep. Here are my two favourites. Any suggestions, please share in the comments!

Yogaglo is a yoga website with a big range of classes. There are lots of different teachers and like at a real studio, you can choose a favourite teacher and do different classes ‘with’ them. It’s currently $18 a month (with a 15 day free trial, not sure what the terms are) which I think is pretty reasonable for access to so many classes.
It’s a well-designed website: you can search for classes by teacher, style, focus and also length of time. This is the best feature for me – being able to find a 10, 20 or 30 minute workout to suit what time I have.
There is a good range of pre- and post-natal classes, which I’ve used a lot and really enjoyed (especially with teacher Stephanie Snyder). There are also lots of meditation classes, some specifically for parents. I found the preparation for birth meditations helpful during late pregnancy especially.
As for cardio training, the free ‘Scientific 7 minute workout’ is one of several apps that claims to give you a high-intensity, exercise-science based workout in, well, 7 minutes. High intensity interval training is supposed to get you fit faster than longer bouts of less intense exercise.
Which is good news to me, since 7 minutes is a surprisingly long time to get to yourself some days… And doing this 7 minutes does get my heart racing and make me feel like I’ve done some exercise. I adapt some of the exercises a bit, but follow the timings. The downside of the free app is occasional ads that stop play, so when I next get more than 7 minutes I’m going to invest in the ‘Pro’ version.

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