Why I’m looking forward to yet more rain

June has been a bit of a washout so far, and the rain looks set to continue next week. Much as I love the ease of looking after kids in sunny weather, when just going to the park with a picnic can keep everyone happy, I’m actually looking forward to some of the activities I’ve been saving for a rainy day. So here are four of them:

Space-themed playdough

Image from theimaginationtree.com


A while ago I read about this brilliant space-themed playdough idea at the learning-through-play blog The Imagination Tree.

I’ve been wanting to make it ever since, and now that Finn has a keen interest in space (weirdly, sparked by the Astronomy Centre, even though the main thing he took from that visit was that the sun is going to explode and destroy the earth).

I just have to get some black food colouring, and wait for a rainy day…

If space doesn’t do it for you, here are my previous ideas for what to do with playdough.

Visiting an acquarium

Pic from the Horniman Museum website

Specifically, the lovely little Horniman Museum acquarium. I haven’t been since Finn was a baby but I remember how accessible it was for toddlers (smallish, tanks at eye height, steps for them to look into pools). It’s free for under-3s, £4.40 for adults, £2.20 for children age 3-16, which makes it a lot cheaper than the London Acquarium.

Also, we’ve been repeat reading Tiddler recently, so I might even take the book along and see if we can spot any familiar characters.

Toddler Cinema

Every Monday at 11, Stratford Arts Picturehouse puts on a very short film or collection of cartoons for toddlers. A 30-minute chance for the kids to enjoy being in a real cinema, so it doesn’t matter much to me what the film is.

It’s cheap (£3 for the adult at the time of writing, free for the children) and cheerful on a rainy day. For more details see Aline’s post here.

The Clangers at the Museum of Childhood

The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green currently has a small exhibition about The Clangers and Bagpuss. We haven’t seen it yet – been saving it for a rainy day! The Museum of Childhood is good rainy day entertainment anyway, complete with a place to have your picnic lunch and daily story and creative sessions for toddlers in term time. For more on the MoC and what to do there, see Aline’s post, here.Any ideas for rainy summer days with toddlers? Please comment!


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