Magic Pens!

2016-02-03 22.59.17I remembered these so vividly from my own childhood when I saw a packet recently that I had to buy them.

Finn enjoyed drawing with them on his own just using them as normal pens – the colours seem particularly vivid compared to other felts we’ve had. He was then fascinated by the colour change created by the ‘magic’ pen and wanted to draw with it all the time, which is less fun as it’s invisible on its own… so I created lots of ‘ground colour’ for him with the other pens and he made patterns on top,

2016-02-03 22.58.47

Or I drew the shapes he asked me to (car, bus, camper van…) and he decorated them with the magic pen.

It made for a nice new approach to collaborative drawing, which is something we spend a lot of time doing.

2016-02-03 22.58.33I thought Finn (age 2) might be a bit young for these pens, but actually they’ve been brilliant for him. He also had a good time drawing with them and a neighbour’s 3 children of varying ages who were able to enjoy them in different ways. I can see there will be lots of mileage in magic pens for years to come (though not in this particular pack, as it’s hard to keep track of pen lids and the magic pen is bound to run out first).


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