‘Enormous’ art and fun with mark-making

2016-02-03 15.49.19

Okay, not really enormous, but bigger than usual. In the last couple of days we’ve had fun making a big painting on the side of a cardboard box, and onto tall paper taped to the freezer, using a variety of things as brushes and printmakers.

2016-02-03 15.36.30

You need

  • A big, upright surface like a cardboard box or lining paper taped up somewhere cleanable (we used the freezer), plus other paper to hand if your project starts to expand!2016-02-05 10.28.47
  • Scrap card or newspaper to cover the floor
  • Aprons or old clothes
  • Kitchen roll or a cloth, especially for hand/foot printing!
  • Readymix poster paints
  • A pot of water for cleaning brushes
  • Something to mix them in – a palette or plastic plate
  • Brushes – we used different sizes including an old decorating brush. You could experiment further with sponges and other household objects.
  • Watercolour markers – we used a couple of these to make line drawings, but you could use pens or crayons. The point was to have fun with lots of different thicknesses and textures of mark-making.

How to do it

Any way you like! Your child could come up with a goal – maybe decorating the box as a house or sky scene – especially if they’re older. The box we used had previously been in use as a rocket, which Finn wanted to decorate but then lost interest in making it more rocket-like and became more intrigued by the process of painting.

We sat on the floor next to each other and experimented with the various mark makers and colours. Finn also suggested foot printing, which we did on separate paper as it was hard on a vertical surface, though he did manage a hand print or two onto the box.

On day two we also tried potato printing (which Finn found hilarious), fingerpainting, painting with shapes cut out of a kitchen sponge, and printing with magnetic letters.2016-02-05 10.48.29


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