Free fitness classes!

I don’t look anything like this, but I’m sure I will after a few classes…

You’ll know by now that this blog exists to share useful links and information with the parents or primary carers of toddlers. I hesitated about adding this post, because I wasn’t sure if it ‘fitted’. But I think it just about does – especially while we are still in the season of new year’s resolutions.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to wish I was a bit fitter and a bit lighter. I’d like to exercise more, but finding the time is a problem.

Of course, looking after a toddler is in itself ‘active’. In fact, I’ve never spent so much time on my feet, scuttling about after someone who appears to have an bottomless pit of energy. But that doesn’t mean I’m especially fit.

And it doesn’t make up for the increased number of biscuits I’ve been eating.

Needless to say, the days of having a gym membership are long gone and are unlikely to return soon. So I was excited to learn about free fitness classes that take place in parks across London, including (local to me) Tower Hamlets and Newham. So I thought I’d given it a try.

You can find out more here.

Finding time to do anything for yourself isn’t easy when you’re a parent. But if you can find just a couple of hours, every now and again, there might just be a class for you.

There’s all kinds of activities on offer – from netball and running, to yoga and boot camps.

I unwittingly jumped in at the deep end with a circuits-style class. It was a bit of a shock! But I’m going to keep going, because I just can’t motivate myself to exercise that hard.

Any hesitation I had about writing this post disappeared at that first class, because there was a mum there, with her baby sleeping in the buggy, while she ran about. We chatted about how important it is to try and exercise even when you’re totally exhausted, because it does make you feel better.

My toddler is past the age of sleeping conveniently in a buggy, but if yours isn’t, you will find the odd free buggy fit class on offer through Our Parks. From memory, I think there’s one in Waltham Forest (take a look here).

To join a free exercise class with Our Parks, you just have to register as a user, then book a class. I’m told yoga is especially popular, so get in early for that. It’s also a nice way to meet a bunch of people, and replace baby/kid talk with something else for an hour or so.


Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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