Painting with glue & glitter

2016-01-21 11.27.51

The beauty of this technique is that you can shake glitter all over the place and still make a defined shape on the paper. Perfect for a toddler. There is also a magical ‘reveal’ moment where you shake the paper until the glitter reveals the hidden picture.

2016-01-21 11.27.38

You need

PVA glue or a glue stick

A glue spreader if using PVA – mini-spatula or a paintbrush

Coloured glitter in shakers

Paper – dark colours work best

How to do it

  1. Use glue to make shapes on the paper. I find PVA easiest with my nearly 2-year-old as he finds it hard to keep a glue stick in firm enough contact with the paper. With PVA I can pour some on the paper for him and he makes patterns with a spreader.2016-01-21 11.16.35
  2. Or sometimes he asks me to draw a shape in PVA, then does the glitter himself.2016-01-21 11.22.24
  3. Shake as much glitter as you like all over the paper – no need to keep to the lines!2016-01-21 11.17.02
  4. The magic reveal! Pick up the paper carefully, tilt the edges inwards a little and shake shake until the glitter all sticks to the glue and your picture emerges.2016-01-21 11.17.36

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