Wow said the Owl

We took our first trip to the theatre – exciting! I’d been to the Little Angel Puppet Theatre a few years back and been totally enchanted. I was again.

It’s not especially close by for us, but it’s worth remembering that Highbury and Islington overground station has a lift and is pushchair friendly. From there, it’s no more than a ten-minute walk to the theatre.

We saw Wow said the Owl with my fellow blogger Rachel and her little boy. They’d actually given us this lovely book a few months back and we’d read it again and again. It’s about a little owl who is curious about what happens during the daytime and so stays awake to enjoy all the colours of one day, including seeing a rainbow for the first time.

I wasn’t sure how my little toddler would respond to the theatre. Would she sit still? What would she do when it went dark? Would it be worth it?

I needn’t have worried. When the lights went down, she sat on my knee. At the first glimpse of the (model) owl, she said “Aaaagh!”. She seemed genuinely and touchingly amazed. Then she said, “Hello, little owl”.

The production was perfect for toddlers – no more than 30 minutes long, with the chance to join in every ‘Wow’ and even sing.

The story unfolded visually in a very beautiful way. The only confusion came when a smaller model owl was used to represent the owl being further away. My toddler wasn’t the only one to be confused. I heard a few little voices asking where the baby owl had gone. (It made me think of this famous scene in Father Ted).

I’m definitely hoping to see some more plays at the Little Angel in the year to come.

What? Wow said the Owl

Where? The Little Angel Theatre

When? Runs until January 31st. Click to discover what’s on next.

How much? Tickets were £10 for adults and £8 for children (December 2015)

Access and facilities There is a buggy park at the front of the theatre by the box office, but when we went it was extremely busy and congested.


Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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