Tiny ballers


This week, we tried football. It was great! We started with a general, excited run around as the toddlers arrived to find fittingly tiny footballs on the floor. Then it was time to warm up, led by the coach (whose name I missed, but was really excellent).

The toddlers were asked to sit and listen to instructions between each activity. It didn’t take too long for my toddler to get used to the new surroundings and unfamiliar activity (although there was more throwing than kicking – a goalie in the making, maybe?). She was happy running around collecting cones, practicing her knowledge of colours. Then there was the chance to learn some new words for parts of the body – ‘shin’ was a new one for her as she tried balancing her ball.

After a little break for water, it was time to try dribbling and scoring a goal (that was a bit much for my toddler). But even tidying up was fun – there was a great big pile of cones at the end.

We’ll definitely be returning to training very soon. Mum enjoyed kicking the ball around too.

Apologies for the lack of photos – there was no time to take any. We’ll try and get some soon and update this post.

What? Football for the under 5s

Where? Tredegar community centre, 333 Morville Road, E3 2DZ

When? Friday 10-11am (correct as of December 2015, but check the Tower Hamlets website for the latest timetable)

How much? Free.

Access and facilities You can leave your pushchair outside. There are toilets put I forgot to take a look at them.

UPDATE: It’s coach Darren. And this is currently my toddler’s favourite activity. After overcoming her initial shyness, she loves it.


Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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