Turning a chore into fun

This is a skill I admire in other people and am determined to master, because it makes it possible to actually get things done during the days I spend with my toddler.

So far, we’ve had success with putting things in the washing machine and helping mummy to hang out the clothes. It’s an opportunity for her to 1. Press buttons. 2. Hand things to mummy. 3. Identify everyone’s clothes.

Last week, I cleared the leaves from the backyard while she watched – delighted by the sight of mummy at work – from a window with daddy. This time, daddy was out. And I was determined to get her to help me – or at least not stop me – clearing all the leaves that had fallen in the meantime (we get loads from a line of plane trees in the nearby park).

So it was welly boots and waterproofs on…

All ready for fun/a chore in the garden
All ready for fun/a chore in the garden.
There were A LOT of leaves to clear.
There were A LOT of leaves to clear.

Any thought I’d had that she might pick up some leaves with her hands was quickly dismissed. She doesn’t much like getting her hands dirty, although she’s totally fine with scrunching porridge through her hair and has to be held back from drinking out of puddles.

Not many leaves in here...
Not many leaves in here…
We're having so much fun even the cat's joining in.
We’re having so much fun even the cat’s joining in.
We're starting to get somewhere.
We’re starting to get somewhere.

Amazingly, we did manage to get most of the leaves swept up. And we found the perfect job for small welly booted feet. She got into the bag and jumped up and down on the leaves we’d collected in the bag to make room for more – so she did actually help. I win.


Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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