The end of naps is not the end of the world

A few months ago, my toddler stopped sleeping in the day. I wasn’t prepared for it at all. I’d read somewhere that they continue napping until they’re three or older.

On her days with me, she’d previously had a lunchtime nap of 45 minutes or an hour in her pushchair. But then it stopped working.

At nursery, she was still having a sleep. Bedtimes on those days though became a right old pain. She was climbing out of her cot, taking her pyjamas off, claiming she’d done or needed a poo, calling for milk – anything to stay entertained until she was ready to go off to sleep around 9pm.

I reluctantly came to the conclusion she didn’t need to sleep in the day any longer.

She’s always had tons of energy and I was worried about whether I could keep up with her all day without a break. Now some of the other mums I know are facing the same thing. And I want you to know that the end of naps is not the end of the world.

The truth is, it’s worked out much better for us. Our day is no longer two blocks of blistering, non-stop activity, separated by a short nap. The pace has slackened ever so slightly. We even get to sit down and do some crafts. We’ve occasionally (whisper it) watched tv – Mr Tumble, of course.

And come bedtime, she’s tired, but still happy and good humoured. She usually goes off to sleep in a reasonably short amount of time after bath and stories. She didn’t need a nap, that’s all. And it can happen with they’re only one.

Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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