Toddlers’ World

We’ve been to Toddlers’ World at Mile End Leisure Centre three times. The equipment has varied slightly but you can expect:

  • Trampolines (My toddler now loves the trampoline, but I find it a little hair-raising and tend to watch her very, very closely on it. She’s one of the youngest and the smallest and I fear for clashes of heads)
  • Bouncy castle
  • Ball pit
  • Goalposts and football
  • Giant Connect Four
  • Mats, springboard and bench to jump off
  • Hoops
  • Selection of other soft play equipment
  • Parachute

My toddler has really enjoyed our visits, but I’m not sure we’ll return imminently. That’s because it’s got busier and more hectic each time. And as is often the case at Mile End Leisure Centre, it’s disorganised.

Visit 1: We arrived early to find a long queue that wasn’t moving. Tempers were rising and not just among the toddlers. The tills were broken and we waited until 10.15 before someone let us in and asked us to pay on the way out. Remember it’s just an hour long session and we’d lost a quarter of it – no time was added on the end and there was no apology or discount.

Visit 2: We got into the gym on time, but the bouncy castle wasn’t up and the equipment wasn’t all out. A toddler (okay, mine) jumped a little too vigorously on the bouncy castle and fell on an area without a crash mat. Not a terrible bump, but there needn’t have been any bump at all with a mat in the right place. A brilliant mum (that’s right, not me) asks THREE times before a member of staff agrees to put a mat down where my toddler fell.

Visit 3: Same deal again. Arrived to find a long queue that moves achingly slowly when you realise you’re losing out on valuable bouncing time.

Suggestion: extend the session to two hours.

What? Toddlers’ World – drop in soft play for under 5s

Where? Mile End Leisure Centre

When? Fridays 10-11am (Check here for the latest timetable)

How much? £4.40 (There is a reduction for members for Better members)

Facilities and access There is good access to Mile End Leisure Centre and you can leave your pushchair outside or inside the gym. There are toilets and baby-changing facilities opposite the entrance to the gym.

Author: Aline Reed

I am a freelance copywriter.

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