Fritters are the answer…

…to all of the following questions, and probably many more (warning, both baby and toddler have bad nighttime coughs, and if my extra-sleep-deprived state continues I’m likely to come up with lists even more ridiculous than this in future… watch this space, if the obsessive list-making has not already driven you away).

  • What is the easiest way to get veg and protein into a finger-food loving baby?
  • What can I make by sticking everything into a food processor without measuring it, and just adding eggs or flour until it sort of looks right?
  • What healthy finger food can I batch cook, freeze, defrost one at a time when I need it and reheat in the toaster?
  • What makes a family meal with salad and dips, but can also be spread with plain yoghurt and given to a 9-month-old for breakfast?

You get the idea. Fritters are a super-convenient food for babies, especially if you’re going the baby-led weaning route, or your mite is into finger foods. They are also great for toddlers. And adults.

I am a terrible recipe writer because I don’t measure anything (and do most of my cooking with a 2.5 year old eating the ingredients or sticking a spatula in my eye) so this is more an ideas post for you, in case you have not yet become a fritter convert.

Sweetcorn fritters with spring onions

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The C word


When I was growing up, my mum banned all mention of Christmas until December. It was no fun at all. My toddler has been singing jingle bells for weeks now. I love it… Really.

If you’re not yet in the festive mood, perhaps it’s worth planning some Christmas 2016 activities. There’s tons on – some free, some not. Most of them require booking, so get cracking.

Here are a few I’ve spotted:

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Would you like to write about a favourite local toddler activity for us?

Have a place you love to take your kid(s) in East London, or further afield? A favourite parent-toddler group, playground, play centre or rainy day activity? Or a tip for how to entertain children of different ages, all day long?

We’d love you to share it with our readers by guest posting for alldaylong.

alldaylong is written for fun so this is not a paid writing opportunity. But it might make things more fun for families in our area! So please do share us with your friends, and get in touch if you’d like to share your favourite activities with our readers by posting.

And, welcome to guest poster and babywearing expert Mel Pinet!

Babywearing in East London

Babywearing is becoming increasingly popular and many parents choose a sling over a buggy to carry their little ones. Not only is babywearing practical as it allows you to be hands -free and get to places you wouldn’t be able to with a buggy (no need to pull the look of desperation at the tube station!) but it has countless benefits for the baby and the parent from helping to bond with your newborn to raise socially confident children.

There are hundreds of different types of slings and brands and choosing the right one and learning how to wear it in a comfortable manner for you and your child can be difficult without support. Some slings such as buckle carriers are simple to put on but others like woven wraps take some learning. There is a wealth of online support and information but nothing beats hands on help from an experienced babywearer, whether it is a peer or a trained consultant.

You can get this type of help at social sling meetings, sling libraries, workshops or in private consultations. Sling Social East London is a facebook group created for babywearers based (mainly) in East London. It’s a welcoming space for all sorts of babywearing discussions, advice sharing and all around geekery! We meet once a month (usually at the museum of childhood) and give free advice, teach carries in different slings, educate parents about types of slings and safety, try each other’s slings and just chat about anything!

It’s a warm, friendly group and we all go out of our ways to help each other and make sure every parent has a positive babywearing experience, so join us!

Wrap a Hug is a professional babywearing education service specialising in woven wraps based in East London and Italy. At Wrap a Hug we are extremely passionate about wrapping and we recognise that it’s a skill that takes time to master and it can be overwhelming and frustrating at first. We offer private consultations, a woven wrap library and workshops.We build relationships with parents and help them become confident wrappers and accompany them in their learning journey and are always on hand from the first meeting.




Horniman Museum Aquarium

The Moon Jellyfish tank at the Horniman aquarium

Looking at brightly-coloured fish  in glowing tanks is up there on my list of rainy-day activities that please a baby and toddler at once. Even better when the tanks are at toddler eye-height and entrance is free for under-3s.

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Ten things to do on a rainy day…

It rained on Saturday. It rained and it rained and it rained. And it reminded me how hard it can be to keep a restless toddler entertained indoors. So as much for myself as anyone else, I’m starting a list of rainy day activities. Here are the first ten, there’s another ten to follow – please feel free to add suggestions via the comments section below.

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A place to take crazed toddlers

Photo: the Guardian

Suddenly it’s changed. It’s Autumn, going on Winter out there. That means crispy colourful leaves to kick in the air, big puddles to jump up and down in and – yippee – tons of conkers to collect…

…when it’s not too cold or rainy to be outdoors.

If your toddler is like mine and has seemingly limitless energy to burn, it’s still impossible to spend the whole day indoors. When the weather’s bad, we have a choice if we’re going to avoid increasingly frantic behaviour and lots of bouncing up and down perilously on the sofa and beds. We can make multiple short trips outdoors using any possible premise, like going to buy a magazine, feeding a friend’s cat, or posting a letter. Or we can make a morning trip to the soft play and burn up enough energy to make the rest of the day peaceful(ish).

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